Where Do All These Doctors Fit In?


An Infographic Of My Doctor Who Headcanons

I thought I’d create an infographic to explain some of the headcanons I discussed in this post. It’s really just pure speculation and educated guess work that leads me to believe that the Time Lord known as The Doctor took the name “Doctor” with the first incarnation of his second regeneration cycle. It explains the Morbius Doctors and…The Other…maybe.

It’s also personal headcanon that the potion given to The Doctor by the Sisterhood of Karn in The Night of the Doctor fundamentally altered the natural progression of his regenerations and that in the Shalka timeline there is a missing Ninth Doctor between Eight and Shalka!Doctor, thus explaining why Shalka!Doctor and Ninth CoFD-Doctor share the same face. That missing Ninth Doctor would, of course, have Rowan Atkinson’s face.

Finally, and probably most ridiculously, my headcanon for the Valeyard is that the Doctor was wrong and that MetaCrisis!Doctor could, indeed, regenerate, and like the Tenth Doctor, after siphoning off his regeneration energy into his own severed hand, he only had one final regeneration left. Consumed by bitterness and grief at the, ultimate, loss of Rose, the Valeyard regained access to our universe and travelled back in his own timeline to take over his own body and ensure that he and never met Rose, thus sparing himself from having to suffer her loss. Yes, ridiculous and excessively grim/dark, I know.

So, yes, this is all headcanon, the show has no actual canon, so make of this what you will!

(Also, I know that’s Alex McQueen as The Other Doctor from UNIT Dominion, and not actually The Other, but I couldn’t resist).

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