The Fandom Menace

There is a way in which the Prequels can be seen as Lucas’s meta-commentary on the post-Special Edition Star Wars fandom. Anakin can be interpreted as the Phantom Menace of Episode I’s title, if you see it as a play on words…as the Fandom Menace. As a small boy he’s introduced to a world of excitement, adventure and wonder but ultimately grows into an entitled, whining, man-child who comes to resent and even hate the very people who introduced him to this amazing new world as a child. Eventually he destroys the very thing he loves, and is finally reduced to shouting obscenities in impotent rage at the one who introduced him to this world as he walks away, shaking his head in despair.

Essentially, Anakin represents the toxic part of the fandom and Obi-Wan represents George Lucas, driven away from the world he created by their constant stream of bile and hatred.

Of course, Palpatine was really the Phantom Menace and all of this is nonsense…

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