The Return Of The Son Of Eleventh Hour – OUT NOW!

covers_new.inddIt’s Orang Utan Comics’ tenth anniversary and they’re having a party…and we’re all invited!

However, so are space pirates, dragons, Vikings, extra-humans, vampires, axe murdering cheerleaders, werewolves, Boadicca, more vampires, a super hero, outlaws, a gelatinous cube, a doom laden message from the future and a whole cast of weird and wonderful characters.

It’s going to be quite a party.

The Return Of The Son Of Eleventh Hour features eighteen stories from the past, present and, quite possibly, the future of Orang Utan Comics. It all kicks off with a brand new prologue to The Intergalactic Adventures of Zakk Ridley and ends with a rarely seen Hero: 9 to 5 short. It’s been ten years and OUC are still making comics for a strange new world.

Featuring the creative talents of:

Writers: Ian Sharman, Peter Rogers, Trey Wickwire, GM Jordan, Melissa Hudson, Huw “Lem” Davies and Holly Rose
Artists: Ewan McLaughlin, Izzy Davis, Simon Wyatt, Ezequiel Pineda, John Cboins, David Wynne, Alex Moore, Melissa Hudson, Nuno Nobre, Huw “Lem” Davies, Dhonnie “Dagger” Punzalan, JC Grande and Olli Hinhala

Order The Return Of The Son Of Eleventh Hour on Amazon now or download it from DriveThruComics today!



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