Strikeforce: Morituri (1986-1989) #1 by Peter B. Gillis

Strikeforce: Morituri (1986-1989) #1Strikeforce: Morituri (1986-1989) #1 by Peter B. Gillis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve recently been reading through Gillis’ run on New Defenders and so a friend recommended this to me…and I was not disappointed! Gillis’ writing is as strong as ever, he has a real knack for getting inside people’s heads, and the art by Brent Anderson (with a couple of pages by Whilce Portacio) with inks by Scott Williams is simply superb.

Gillis finds an interesting take on the super hero genre, with characters undergoing the Morituri Process, which gifts them with the super powers to fight an invading alien force at one cost…they’ll be dead within a year.

This first issue explores why someone would want to undergo the process.

It’s good. Really good.

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