Defenders (1972-1986) #149 by Peter B. Gillis

Defenders (1972-1986) #149Defenders (1972-1986) #149 by Peter B. Gillis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s exposition ahoy as we not only delve into Cloud’s backstory but also get an explanation of who Andromeda is and what on Earth she’s doing with the Defenders. Not that this is a bad things, really, especially after the previous issue’s mess of a fill-in issue, but for all that exposition we’re really still none the wiser in regards to who, or what, Cloud really is.

But that’s fine, I mean, we’re clearly saving that for the big anniversary issue that’s coming up next. What we do learn is that Cloud seems to have taken on the identities, or appearances, at least, of a couple who were left comatose after a car accident that Cloud witnessed…as a cloud. Oh, and that there’s a danger!

Also, the Interloper, whoever he might be, is heading for New Mexico. Hopefully it won’t take him too long to get there from Siberia…on foot…because this series only has three issues left!

The cover art by Kevin Nowlan is also rather lovely.

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