GI Joe: A Real American Hero #3 by Larry Hama

GI Joe: A Real American Hero #3GI Joe: A Real American Hero #3 by Larry Hama

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book definitely hasn’t found it’s stride yet, but it’s still an enjoyable read and the Herb Trimpe art is great.

It’s spoiled by some weird logical inconsistencies, like the assertion that the computer level in the PITT is so deep to protect it from a nuclear strike, but later in the issue the Joes trick the robot into falling down a shaft that leads from the motor pool to the computer level. Also, when they first take the Cobra robot into their base it’s scanned for any chemicals and none are found, and yet it’s able to reactivate through the use of a chemical timer. Did they just miss that?

Perhaps I’m over analysing a comic from 1982 based on a toy line, but, well…that’s what I do.

Still, it’s fun and it’s G.I. Joe!

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