Strange Academy (2020-) #2 by Skottie Young

Strange Academy (2020-) #2Strange Academy (2020-) #2 by Skottie Young

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not quite as good as the first issue but still a whole load of fun. I suspect this would work better in tpb form, but isn’t that true of pretty much all mainstream comics these days? As such, nothing much actually happens this month as we continue to be introduced to the school, and, more specifically, it’s classes.

The whole thing has an early Lobdell and Bachalo Generation X feel to it, which is a very good thing as far as I’m concerned. Ramos’ art has never been better and I’m very much looking forward to becoming better acquainted with these characters.

I really hope this series is given the time to grow into the future classic it has the potential to be.

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