Empyre: Avengers (2020) #1 by Jim Zub

Empyre: Avengers (2020) #1 (of 3)Empyre: Avengers (2020) #1 by Jim Zub

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This comic takes a while to get going, spending too much time checking in with Avengers strike teams across the globe, protecting humanity from getting caught in the crossfire in the Cotati vs Kree/Skrull war. A lot of this felt really clunky and the comic doesn’t really hit its stride until the end when we find out that this is really about Ka-Zar, the Black Knight, Brother Voodoo and the Scarlet Witch dealing with a Cotati incursion into the Savage Land. They appear to have won both Man-Thing and Ka-Zar’s wife, Shanna, to their cause and…tune in next time! Ahh…I was just getting into this at last!

Zub’s writing is decent enough, but the only character he seems really comfortable with writing is the Black Knight. Carlos Magno’s art is decent enough, but would greatly benefit from the services of a decent inker. Given that no inker is credited on this book, that’s clearly something that he didn’t have. As such everything feels a little flat.

As I said, I finally got into this towards the end, so hopefully #2 will be a big improvement.

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