Defenders (1972-1986) #151 by Peter B. Gillis

Defenders (1972-1986) #151Defenders (1972-1986) #151 by Peter B. Gillis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The end fast approaches!

While this issue is clearly mostly set up for the double-sized final issue that follows, it still manages to be a great comic in and of itself.

As the mysterious Interloper approaches we find that he’s connected to Moondragon…or the Dragon of the Moon…somehow, and that the two are ancient enemies. Meanwhile, manslaughter turns up, up to his usual murderous tricks…but this time he’s come not to bury the New Defenders, but to join them. Obviously the team are not up for that. There’s a weird scene involving Candy Southern chained to a bed in a skimpy outfit. And then, ultimately, the Interloper shows up, defeats Manslaughter and reveals that Manslaughter was a student of his that he regrets teaching…and that the Defenders must let him join them because…the Dragon of the Moon approaches… DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN!

It’s cracking stuff, and while there’s not a lot of depth here, there is a lot of fun and it’s a timely reminder of just why I’ve loved reading this run. These characters don’t belong together, they’re such a strange combination, but it really, really works, and that’s all down to the writing.

I’ll be sorry to say goodbye to this book…but it’ll all be over in the next issue!

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