Empyre: Captain America (2020) #1 by Phillip K. Johnson

Empyre: Captain America (2020) #1 (of 3)Empyre: Captain America (2020) #1 by Phillip K. Johnson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Probably the weakest Empyre tie-in to date.

I know there’ll always be a tension within any Captain America story between the progressive ideals that Cap stands for and the kind of jingoistic patriotism and militarism that, well, you’d expect of a super soldier created by the American state…but lines like “They’re just salad people” and one character’s joy in using a flamethrower to kill his enemies really didn’t sit right with me.

Sure, Cap opposes the military’s abandonment of their allies to the south and that’s good, but the fact that he lets the dehumanisation of their enemy slide just doesn’t seem right…especially considering he was all for defending the Cotati until he realised what they were really up to.

Kinda disappointed that we’ve still got this but we’re not getting The Union, which I was genuinely looking forward to.

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