Iron Man 2020 (2020) #5 by Dan Slott

Iron Man 2020 (2020) #5 (of 6)Iron Man 2020 (2020) #5 by Dan Slott

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Thank god it’s nearly over.

Tony’s back to being a human being instead of an AI, and he’s got a new holographic suit, only limited by his own imagination.

Which, you know, seems like a good idea, but would be a nightmare to write for…but Slott’s leaving so he won’t have to, and I’m certain that this new suit won’t stick around for the new series (which seems to have Tony trying to re-imagine himself as a street level hero?).

Look, this whole 2020 event has been a mess, and maybe this issue is better than the two stars I’ve given it, but at this point I just want this massive wasted opportunity to be over so we can all move on.

Just a side thought: Has the Marvel Universe been spared the coronavirus?

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