Captain Marvel (2019-) #18 by Kelly Thompson

Captain Marvel (2019-) #18Captain Marvel (2019-) #18 by Kelly Thompson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First off, I’m going to have to declare that my opinion of this issue is coloured by the fact that, because I don’t usually read Captain Marvel, and it’s only a tie-in to Empyre and not one of the core Empyre books, my retailer didn’t order me a copy and I so I had to order it on eBay…and the book had “blown up” (despite it still being the day of release when I ordered it)…presumably because of the first appearance of Lauri-Ell…and so I ended up paying about four times what I should have done to get it.

Under those circumstances it kinda’ couldn’t fail to disappoint, because while it’s a decent enough comic, with solid writing and pretty good art, it’s not four times cover price good, you know?

Anyway, Carol is still coming to terms with her new role as Kree Accuser when she’s sent off to “accuse” a Kree soldier of destroying a Kree/Skrull peace city…who turns out to be a her half sister that she didn’t know existed. And that’s about it.

Will she execute this hitherto unknown sibling?

The answer probably won’t shock you.

As I said, not a bad comic, but not an especially ground breaking one either. But I’m probably holding a grudge against it because of scalpers on eBay…but what are you gonna do?

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