Empyre: Avengers (2020) #2 by Jim Zub

Empyre: Avengers (2020) #2 (of 3)Empyre: Avengers (2020) #2 by Jim Zub
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Definitely an improvement over the first issue, mainly because this one doesn’t spend so much time catching up with the various Avengers teams around the globe. It does seem an odd idea to me, to spend so much time on what clearly isn’t the main plot of this book, at the start of each issue. I mean, I get why they’re doing it, and the idea was clearly that this series would do exactly that…follow various Avengers teams fighting the Cotati invasion around the world…but the story that we, and clearly the creative team, really care about is the one going on in the Savage Land.

The main focus here is really on the internal conflict within Shanna and, by extension, her unresolved issues with her husband Ka-Zar, who chose to go off adventuring with the Avengers rather than stay at home with his wife and son and listen to her concerns regarding her new connection to the savage land. Of course, this is a super hero comic, so that’s all fairly swiftly resolved and Ka-Zar and Shanna resolve to work on it together and the Cotati’s hold on her is gone.

But this is a fun read, and the highlights are still the little moments with the Black Knigh as Zub writes a good Dane Whitman.

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