Power Pack (1984-1991) #5 by Louise Simonson

Power Pack (1984-1991) #5Power Pack (1984-1991) #5 by Louise Simonson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The series continues to be lovely, with the Power kids returning to Earth and waking their parents, who remember nothing after the initial Snark attack, with their father, in particular, remembering nothing of the device he designed. They then go out for burgers, where they encounter their father’s boss and some government agents, an encounter which ultimately leads to their father quitting his job and the family’s decision to relocate to New York.

At the heart of this issue is Julie’s resistance to change and her worry that the changes that she herself has been through might lead to her mother no longer loving her. Which is all incredibly relatable stuff for young adolescents.

The only slight disappointment here is that the art is handled by Mary Wilshire, whose work is great, but not quite up to June Brigman levels of brilliance. Nevertheless, I’m still thoroughly enjoying this series.

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