Wolverine (2020-) #4 by Benjamin Percy

Wolverine (2020-) #4Wolverine (2020-) #4 by Benjamin Percy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, if it wasn’t weird enough that the last comic I read/reviewed, Lord Of Empyre: Swordsman #1, was illustrated by an artist I’ve coloured, this was illustrated by an artist I’ve inked, Vik Bogdanovic. As such, I’m not sure I can really be objective about this issue.

That said, the art is gorgeous. Vik has a real knack for drawing interesting, characterful faces, rather than just cookie cutter comic book people. The way he renders the denizens of the bar that’s central to this story adds an air of atmosphere and creepiness to the proceedings. I’m not even going to gripe about the fact that he’s inking himself here, because I know he draws digitally, and, honestly, it never really made much sense to me that he wasn’t just producing the finished art himself when I worked with him…although I thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration.

As for the writing, that’s great too. It opens with a laugh, as Logan returns Magneto’s helmet, which he “borrowed” last issue. It gets progressively darker from there, until Omega Red shows up in all of his nineties, edgy, “death powers” glory. If you were disappointed that he wasn’t in X-Force after he appeared on the cover, there’s no such disappointment here.

This is a dark, moody, atmospheric tale, and all involved have done a spectacular job. And I didn’t even mention the colours, which are, of course, superb.

Next on my to be read pile is Avengers #35. I’m pretty sure I haven’t worked with anyone who worked on that…

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