Empyre: Captain America (2020) #3 by Phillip K. Johnson

Empyre: Captain America (2020) #3 (of 3)Empyre: Captain America (2020) #3 by Phillip K. Johnson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

“I just realized something about you. Can it really be so simple?”

Apparently it can, Cap. Yes, you really just have to break the magic plant man’s stick and everything will be neatly wrapped up in three pages…mostly by people telling you about stuff they did off panel.

This isn’t awful, exactly, it’s just…dull. Uninspired. A lacklustre tie in to what is an otherwise excellent event. It’s a series with no purpose, no identity, it just is. And that’s just…disappointing.

I don’t expect a tie in like this to be essential reading, I just expect more than a fight and people being weirdly jingoistic and borderline racist towards plant people. There could have been a message here, about how it’s never right to dehumanise an enemy, even if that enemy isn’t human. There’s a brief nod to the fact that the Cotati were oppressed, but that’s quickly dismissed as no excuse for their attack…and given the current political climate in the US, that feels somewhat…uncomfortable. Dehumanising a race of people that are lashing out after generations of oppression is not something that Captain America should be doing, as far as I’m concerned, and it seems strange to me that nobody involved with the creation of this comic seemed to recognise the unfortunate parallels with real world events.

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