Hellions (2020-) #3 by Zeb Wells

Hellions (2020-) #3Hellions (2020-) #3 by Zeb Wells
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, that was completely…and brilliantly…effed up.

What a mess…for those originally suggesting that Alex doesn’t belong on this team, this issue went a long way towards demonstrating just how messed up Scott Summers’ little brother really is.

This whole issue explored the concept of identity, and how confused that can become in a world that includes cloning and mind swaps. Maddie isn’t Jean, Kwannon isn’t Betsy, Alex isn’t Scott…it’s all such a mess. And you just know that Sinister’s chuckling to himself in the shadows.

But, yes, clever, brutal writing and superb art. This book is fast becoming a favourite of mine. It just needs more Empath.

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