X-Factor (2020-) #2 by Leah Williams

X-Factor (2020-) #2X-Factor (2020-) #2 by Leah Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yeah…so…I adore this book. This book is wonderful.

I love Rachel’s pet warwolf, I love Aurora alone in X-Factor’s base watching TV…I particularly love Kyle’s reaction when he comes home and finds her there. Oh, and Aurora’s reaction when she finds out Daken thinks she’s sexy!

This is FUN.

And, oh, I usually HATE Mojo and the Mojoverse, but the Mojoverse works so much better as an analogy for social media feeds, likes and smartphones than it ever did for cable TV and ratings. The citizens of the Mojoverse always felt like an abstract idea to me, but here they’re active participants in the madness.

And…I loved that epic shot of the team ready to do battle…with Eye Boy facing the wrong way.

This is pretty much the perfect X-book for me. I love the drama and intrigue of the main X-Men books…but I’m so glad we now have this fun book too.

Fun book…about murder investigations…maybe I’m just broken?

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