Marauders (2019-) #12 by Gerry Duggan

Marauders (2019-) #12Marauders (2019-) #12 by Gerry Duggan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Overall I really enjoyed this issue, but there were a couple of things that spoiled it for me, hence the three star rating.

The good, is, well…just having Kate back. But not only having Kate back, but having the way she’s written finally catch up with the times and it no longer just being hinted at that she’s not entirely straight. As such, we have a moment with Rachel and one with Magik, the two women she’s been closest to over the years. Plus, just to make sure we took the hint, she kisses a female tattoo artist. It’s about time! Maybe next we can have her run into Staturnyne, eh?

The bad…well, first off, your final page reveal generally has a lot more punch if you haven’t used the exact same scene on your front cover. And as for that reveal…knuckle tats? Really? Okay… And, while we’re on the subject of knuckle tats, why does Storm reference them at the start of the comic when she doesn’t get them till the end? Or did I miss something?

The art in general was also something I wasn’t too fond of. It’s not bad, it’s just not really up to the standard that we’ve come to expect on the X-books recently.

So, yeah, this was a little disappointing, and to a certain extent feels a little like filler before we get into X Of Swords. Hopefully this book will return to form next month.

But, yeah, they should follow up on that little Rachel scene…

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