Power Pack (1984-1991) #7 by Louise Simonson

Power Pack (1984-1991) #7Power Pack (1984-1991) #7 by Louise Simonson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The kids start school in New York, with all the inherent challenges of starting at a new school in a new city, and for Katie it’s her very first day at kindergarten…but she’s not afraid (she totally is) because she’s been to space and fought Snarks, so what does she have to be afraid of?

But it’s after school when the real adventures begin, as the boys and girls head off, separately, to try and save Professor Gilbert, which not only brings them all together but leads them to cross paths with Cloak & Dagger. Now, if you’ve read any Cloak & Dagger you’ll know that they’re a very dark pair of characters, their background intertwined with gang culture and drugs. So, an interesting choice for such a light and kid friendly book…but, I think, a very good one. This is just one reason why, when reading these stories as a kid, it never felt like the kids just went on inconsequential adventures for little kids. Theses stories mattered, there was genuine peril and their actions had real consequences.

Once again this is, of course, brilliant work, which is just as enjoyable and rewarding to read as an adult as it was as a child.

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