Hellions (2020-) #4 by Zeb Wells

Hellions (2020-) #4Hellions (2020-) #4 by Zeb Wells
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“And you just know that Sinister’s chuckling to himself in the shadows.”

I said that in my review of #3 and, sure enough, we see in #4 that Sinister is, indeed, chuckling to himself in the shadows.

The Hellions’ first mission wraps up, messily, and then we’re treated to the team unpicking what’s happened, what they’ve learned, what we’ve learned about them.

Madelyne, of course, dies. Because that’s what she does. Her final words are that she just wanted people to know that she was a real girl, but the Krakoan High Council decides that she wasn’t, she was just a clone, and so doesn’t deserve to be resurrected. I assume that this decision will come back to haunt them, because it’s the wrong one, and Madelyne Pryor is so often on the wrong end of decisions. Sinister makes it clear that Krakoans have the gift of resurrection thanks to him, so we can expect him to bring Maddie back. And for her to be angry. And for an island of clones to have to face up to the fact that clones are people too.

This is an interesting extension of the Mutant Metaphor.

Hopefully Empath will be back next issue.

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