Star Wars: Darth Vader (2020-) #5 by Greg Pak

Star Wars: Darth Vader (2020-) #5Star Wars: Darth Vader (2020-) #5 by Greg Pak
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pak continues to ably chart Vader’s character development between episodes five and six.

It makes a lot of sense that his face to face confrontation with his son would have him revisiting his past and trying to deal with the fact that he is, at heart, still Anakin Skywalker and still mourning the death of his wife…a death that he ultimately caused. It’s also clear that his misplaced jealousy of Obi Wan still runs deep.

Ienco’s art also continues to be outstanding, and I really like the so-subtle-you-might-have-missed-it call back to Cloud City as he envisions himself falling down that shaft, rather than Luke, and regressing back to the child he was when we first met him as he does so. Illustrating that he sees so much of his old self in his son…just as Uncle Owen did.

Next issue promises to be traumatic and, possibly, be yet another step along Vader’s path to redemption.

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