X-Men (2019-) #12 by Jonathan Hickman

X-Men (2019-) #12X-Men (2019-) #12 by Jonathan Hickman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like the other book building up to X Of Swords, Excalibur, this is exposition heavy, but unlike that book, I very much enjoyed this, as it was easy to follow. I mean, as easy as anything is to follow when you have no idea what’s going on or if the narrator is a reliable one. We may be being lied to here. I mean, it involves Apocalypse, so it’s unlikely that we’re getting the full story.

My head slightly hurts trying to figure out exactly where and how this all fits in with the history of Apocalypse, but we have a twenty two part crossover coming up which will hopefully explain everything.

Yu’s art is, as ever, gorgeous. The Summoner looks suitably otherworldly and creepy, which is very apt. Essentially what we get here is an explanation, of sorts, of exactly what Apocalypse has been up to since he arrived on Krakoa. We also learn that he has/had a wife called Genesis, which was also the name that Cable’s son took…I think…maybe…if my memory serves me well, which it rarely does. He might have technically been Stryfe’s son… Anyway, I found that…odd. I mean, is that actually a coincidence? Part of me wants to say yes, but then Hickman’s run has involved some pretty deep dives into continuity, and one of the themes has been clones, Stryfe being a clone of Cable, and Cable’s deeply connected with Apocalypse…and was infected with the transmode virus…and a transmode virus has featured in the Giant Size one shots…and is also connected with the Phalanx, who featured in HoX/PoX…and…oh, my brain hurts!

Anyway, this comic is good.

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