Marauders #14 by Gerry Duggan

Marauders #14Marauders #14 by Gerry Duggan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was great, my only criticisms being that it felt a little disjointed at times and that Wolverine’s boorishness felt a little…off. I mean, I know Logan can be boorish at times, but suggesting that Brian could end everything by just sleeping with Saturnyne? A little naïve, no?

This issue was mostly about establishing the characters on both sides here and laying some more groundwork for the coming conflict, but it was done in an exceptionally charming way. The interaction between Gorgon and Magik was especially good, and the small hint of things to come between Doug and Bei the Blood Moon was also nice.

Storm’s dance with Death was, well, clearly highly symbolic…and it’s been pointed out that while many of the other combatants on Krakoa’s side have died and been resurrected, Storm hasn’t. Though, as she emphasises, she has been dancing with Death her whole life.

Finally, there’s that thing that happened at the end…and, well, when that thing happens at the end of comics it’s almost always a fake out. Look, Saturnyne ain’t dead, but this may lead to some revelations as to how she came to be so powerful. Is she even Saturnyne? Is she the Saturnyne that we know? That we’ve seen before? Maybe, maybe not. I guess we’ll fine out next week.

Also, just what did War slip into Logan’s food?

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