Crossover #1 by Donny Cates

Crossover #1Crossover #1 by Donny Cates
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m honestly torn, and half way through reading this I was convinced that I was going to write a bad review…and then…it sucked me in.

You see, it’s a little too sure of its own cleverness, and that always puts me off…but, then, aren’t I a little too sure of my own cleverness in some of the comics I write? And…maybe this is clever? I’ll admit that I do think naming the main character Ellipses is fairly brilliant.

I’m also unsure of the way the comic book community is presented here, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and see how it plays out.

I find it funny that the “fictional” characters…the ones who’ve stepped out of the pages of a comic, are coloured traditionally, with the dots of four colour process printing…while everyone else, who is actually also a fictional character in a comic, is coloured like…well…a regular modern comic. It gets very meta.

But that last page…promises something that…it can’t possibly deliver on…right?

But, then, this is called Crossover…

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