Marauders #15 by Gerry Duggan

Marauders #15Marauders #15 by Gerry Duggan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Surprising nobody, that thing that happened at the end of Part 13 didn’t stick. But it did mean that we got a proper look of exactly what’s at stake here. We got to see exactly what will happen if the Krakoans lose the upcoming contest.

Other than that, we continued with the dinner party, and some poison meant for Logan was, instead, consumed by Cypher, which led to us seeing that the Arrakans are not without honour…at least, some of them.

This is mostly fun, fairly light, character building stuff, with Cable and Magik trying to figure out if Isca the Unbeaten really can’t be beaten.

And then, at the end, we get the draw for the first battle…which promises that things are finally going to kick off in Part 15.

Oh, and we get the odds of each character surviving the tournament. Cypher’s 5000-1, but I think he might beat the odds…

This has great writing and art and you really can’t ask for more than that.

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