Hellions (2020-) #7 by Zeb Wells

Hellions (2020-) #7Hellions (2020-) #7 by Zeb Wells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

RIP Clive, we hardly knew thee…

Wild Child, Nanny and Orphan Maker are resurrected but they’re…changed…honed… And, more importantly, Orphan Maker needs a new containment suit lest his mutant power manifests and that CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. It would be bad. Very bad. Oh, and the technology to build him a new one is held by The Right.

Oh, also, Sinister is keeping from the rest of the team exactly how they died. Mainly because he murdered them. It would probably be bad if they found out. Bad for Sinister, that is.

This continues to be the funniest X-book right now. It’s so much fun, and it’s beautifully illustrated too.

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