Marauders (2019-) #16 by Gerry Duggan

Marauders (2019-) #16Marauders (2019-) #16 by Gerry Duggan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, this was rather wonderful…Emma and Kate team up, along with Storm and Lockheed, to wreak vengeance upon Sebastian Shaw for the crime of…well…killing Kate Pryde and attempting to kill Lockheed. Things which make him a very bad man. I mean, we already knew he was a very bad man, but still…

And what a twisted and entirely appropriate vengeance it is. Because, after all, on Krokoa, death holds no stings…but humiliating a man in his own home? And reducing himself to a wheelchair bound shell of himself? For a man like Shaw that’s gotta hurt. I also fully expect this to come back to bite Kate and Emma at some point.

The art is superb, and the cover, by Russel Daughterman is particularly good. My only real question here is: Where did Kate’s knuckle tats go? Although, I didn’t like them, so… Maybe she phased them off?

Anyway, this was good, and builds my excited for post-X Of Swords X-books.

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