X-Force #15 by Benjamin Percy

X-Force #15X-Force #15 by Benjamin Percy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

X-Force is the clearest indication that something is rotten in the state of Krakoa.

And that something is Beast.

Which is a fascinating and completely appropriate direction to take Hank McCoy in.

But while there’s something rotten politically at the heart of Krokoa, the island itself seems to have spawned some kind of Lovecraftian whale…maybe that’s related. Maybe the rot at the heart of Krakoa’s government is also manifesting something physically rotten? I just hope the dog’s okay…

This book continues to be heavily tied into Wolverine’s solo book, which shouldn’t be surprising as they’re both written by Benjamin Percy. But, as such, you might be a bit confused about all the talk of vampires and Dracula if you haven’t been reading that book too. But, you know, you really should be, it’s great.

The art here might not be to everyone’s taste, but I really like it, and I’m certainly enjoying the more diverse range of artistic styles in the X-books these days.

Overall, X-Force seems to be settling into a really excellent run, with great art and great writing, and an exploration of how the rot of fascism can take root at the heart of what otherwise seems to be a utopian nation.

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