Star Wars (2020-) #9 by Charles Soule

Star Wars (2020-) #9Star Wars (2020-) #9 by Charles Soule
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Empire have collected artefacts looted from other cultures and collected them into a single museum under the pretence that they’re better equipped to take care of them than the cultures they were stolen from. But enough about my last trip to the British Museum, what about this comic?


I’m amused at people wondering why Leia is on the cover of this issues when she’s hardly in it and it is, rather, really about Lando, Lobot and the Pathfinders infiltrating the Galactic Museum to steal an ancient translator droid to help them create a new code to use when communicating with the Rebel fleet. The answer is simple: Because that cover will sell better. Also, it’s Leia in her Hoth outfit, which is Leia’s best outfit.

This issue is really good. It’s a welcome change of pace to focus on some relatively unknown characters, rather than the Big Three for once. It enable Soule to include some genuine stakes in the story, as we don’t know that these characters survive well into their old age. It’s a witty, dramatic, tense and action packed story, which does, indeed, include some clear commentary on the nature of modern museums, whose collections are filled with the spoils of empire.

The arty is also solid, if nothing particularly amazing. I do wish that the Star wars comics would be a bit more ambitious and daring with their artistic choices. But, that said, I still prefer this to the early days of the Dark Horse comics, where the art put me off reading them for far too many years.

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