Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #8 by Ethan Sacks

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #8Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #8 by Ethan Sacks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, this is a definite improvement over last month’s offering, although I still find Valance boring and I’m still irritated by Sacks’ insistence of writing 4-LOM as For-Elloem.

We do get a fun bar fight with a young Tasu Leech, who we last saw in The Force Awakens as a much older man and leader of Kanji Club. This is him as a much younger man and I can also assume that time wasn’t kind to him in the years between this and the events of The Force Awakens, because he not only looks like a completely different person but looks like he’s a different race.

Following that, Valance gets ambushed by what remains of the Ohnaka Gang, now no longer under Hondo’s leadership, and Dengar, who’s always a win. I mean…I like the bounty hunters in Star Wars, a lot…just not Valance.

But, yeah, this wasn’t awful.

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