Strange Academy (2020-) #6 by Skottie Young

Strange Academy (2020-) #6Strange Academy (2020-) #6 by Skottie Young
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let’s start of with some salt, shall we? If you hate Humberto Ramos’ art then maybe this series isn’t for you, you should never have picked it up, and if you’re still reading it after six issues then you’re probably a bit of an idiot, right?

Anyway, on to the actual review…

God, I love Humberto Ramos’ art! (Heh.) He’s the perfect fit for this series and the only other people who could have taken it on and been as good are probably Chris Bachalo and Skottie Young himself. As it is, Skottie Young is writing and doing a great job of it. Gradually letting us get to know this fairly large cast of new characters and also keeping the action exciting with some very real and tangible levels of threat (although I’m sure Doyle will be okay…right?).

Most of all, this series is fun, full of mystical adventure and gorgeous art. If you’re not loving it then you’re probably just a big grumpy pants. (Also, I’ve gotta say, I’m very please that #1 and the various variant covers of it that I own have rocketed in value…so glad I picked this book up from the start.)

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