Power Pack (2020-) #2 by Ryan North

Power Pack (2020-) #2 (of 5)Power Pack (2020-) #2 by Ryan North
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Look, I’ll be honest, I was going to give this four stars, but gave it five after reading another review in which the reviewer just banged on about continuity for the entire review, repeating everything they’d said in their review of #1.

Review a comic for what it is, not what it isn’t, you know? And this comic is light hearted and fun. Sure, it may be ridiculous that the Power kids ask a succession of absurd heroes to be their mentor rather than people they actually know…but, that wouldn’t be fun. That said, they can’t ask the X-Men because they’re on Krakoa, and they can’t ask the New Warriors because they don’t exist anymore…and they discussed asking Spider-Man in the comic! I mean, if you’re going to bang on about continuity…but, wait, this is supposed to be a review of a comic, not of someone else’s review.

Basically, the Power kids need to find a mentor, else they’ll have to give up being heroes, at least until Alex turns eighteen and can be their mentor. They try asking Captain Marvel (because Julie has a crush on her) but she’s off planet, they try asking Thor but he’s busy (and also they don’t know where Frog Thor is), they try asking Hulk but…yeah…that’s not going to work. And they try asking Tony Stark but all he can offer them is a fruit basket. So they end up with Agent Aether, who just kinda pops up out of nowhere, and he suggests they use their powers to supply people with cheap and safe electricity and gives them a quick lesson on how power stations work…and…yeah, he’s totally not what he seems and is up to no good…because of course he is.

This series continues to be delightful and the artwork continues to be excellent. Hey, I even like the cover this time!

I’d recommend this comic to anyone who likes good comics, and would maybe suggest that continuity obsessed weirdos avoid it. Long live Power Pack!

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