Star Wars: The High Republic (2021-) #1 by Cavan Scott

Star Wars: The High Republic (2021-) #1Star Wars: The High Republic (2021-) #1 by Cavan Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I never met a Star War I didn’t like.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to read Light of the Jedi yet because Amazon haven’t shipped it to me…and, let’s face it, at the speed I read novels I was never going to…so I can’t really review this in context, but never mind…

It’s still exceptionally good, and I can already tell that Keeve Trennis is going to become a favourite Star Wars character of mine. This is my first real taste of the High Republic era and I like what I’m seeing…although I’m not sure that Yoda being around feels right…but I think I have to remind myself that this isn’t the Old Republic, and the long ages of some species in the Star Wars universe make it inevitable that a few familiar faces are going to show up.

Seeing the Jedi at the height of their power is a real treat, though. It’s something I think we all expected from the Prequels, but, really, the Jedi had already fallen so much by the time of The Phantom Menace. They were so blind to the Dark Side that they weren’t able to sense a Sith Lord sitting right next to them. So it’ll be interesting to see the height from which they fell.

The art is great, and the cover, by Phil Noto, is gorgeous…although I’ll be forever kicking myself for missing out on the Stephanie Hans variant. Still, you can’t win ’em all…

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