Iron Man (2020-) #5 by Christopher Cantwell

Iron Man (2020-) #5Iron Man (2020-) #5 by Christopher Cantwell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There’s something deeply satisfying about seeing Tony Stark get out smarted. Although, that said, I’m hoping that Tony has an ace up his sleeve and will come out on top. I mean…he’s the hero…he’s bound to win in the end, right?

But at what cost? That’s the real question, isn’t it? Everyone surrounding Tony gets hurt, and that’s very much at the heart of this story. It’s demonstrated very literally in regards to the make shift team that he puts together to fight Korvac…including Frog Man (who actually DOES have an action figure now, believe it or not). But it’s also demonstrated far more painfully in the breaking of Patsy’s mind. And, oh, poor Patsy…it was a big mistake to get close to Tony Stark…and he isn’t even afforded the time to truly realise what he’s done.

The art, by Cafu, is utterly gorgeous, especially during the scenes which take place in the rain. These scenes have a real atmosphere about them and the visuals combine with the events to make you feel…well…despair.

I’ve seen Tony broken before, left lying on the ground, suit devoid of power and seemingly out of options, but I’ve never seen it done quite so effectively as it is here. Before I’ve always been hyper aware of the fact that he’s the hero and he’ll get out of it somehow…but I don’t see a way out for him here…

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