Cable (2020-) #7 by Gerry Duggan

Cable (2020-) #7Cable (2020-) #7 by Gerry Duggan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh yeah, that’s what we were doing before X Of Swords so rudely interrupted us…looking for kidnapped babies!

And, thanks to Rachel Summers, we actually find them! Well, half of them. As in, we find five of the ten missing babies…not that we find ten halves of babies…that would be gross. Why would you even think that might be thing? You disgust me…

Anyway, it’s great to see the Summers family being a family, I don’t recall Nate and Rachel ever really spending any time together, just the two of them, before. Plus we get some great “Cyclops being a dad” stuff here. And “Dad Cyclops” is probably the best Cyclops.

Plus, we finally find out who’s behind the baby kidnapping, and let’s just say that they’re keeping it in the family…

The only thing missing from this issue is more outrageous flirting with the Cuckoos, but it’s still pretty great with some gorgeous Phil Noto art.

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