X-Force (2019-) #16 by Benjamin Percy

X-Force (2019-) #16X-Force (2019-) #16 by Benjamin Percy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Benjamin Percy is fast becoming one of my favourite X-writers.

This is just fantastic stuff. Forge is increasingly nuts, Beast is increasingly creepy and Quentin Quire is…well Quentin Quire. Although, I thought Cable was dating all of the Cuckoos? Apparently not Phoebe, cos she’s all Quentin’s, and gives him the motivation to not die during an X-Force mission for probably the first time in seventeen issues. But, seriously, I’m 100% here for Quentin/Phoebe smoochy times.

The real star of this issue, however, is the art. Joshua Cassara’s art is just stunning here, and his depiction of what lies in the depths is incredible. Do I mean the weird, god-like, Cthulhu-cancer monster offshoot of Karakoa or do I mean Namor’s abs? You decide.

Anyway, good comic is good. Go read it.

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