Power Rangers #3 by Ryan Parrott

Power Rangers #3Power Rangers #3 by Ryan Parrott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, I enjoyed this more than the previous issue, and I enjoyed that a fair amount, so that has to be a good thing, eh?

I liked that the Rangers drew attention to the fact that, yes, this really is Invasion of the Space Vampires, and that the first part owed a lot to Alien/Aliens. I feel that if you’re riffing on media that your characters would likely have consumed then it’s unrealistic if they don’t acknowledge that…but maybe that’s just me?

Drakkon continues to show that he’s unfailingly duplicitous as he double crosses the space vampires, but it’s clear that he only chose to do so when it became clear that the Rangers were going to win. Who’s side is he really on? Well, clearly his own…the Rangers are just fortunate that his interests align with theirs…for now.

Still, as good as this was, I’m glad that the Horrid have ben dealt with quickly and we can move on with the plot. The cliff-hanger ending certainly has me excited to read the next issue!

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