Hellions (2020-) #9 by Zeb Wells

Hellions (2020-) #9Hellions (2020-) #9 by Zeb Wells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, it’s about time someone remember exactly how much a threat Mastermind is!

Unfortunately, for him, Mister Sinister is not the one that remembered. And now he’s dead. Or is he?

Also, just how creepy are Nanny and Orphan Maker? Very creepy, that’s how creepy they are. Like, extremely creepy. This issue was light on the jokes and heavy on the darkness, but Peter’s insistence that Nanny call him “Pete”…and his insistence that she’s not his mom, provided some welcome light relief.

Hellions continues to be a twisted little gem of a book…and speaking of twisted, here comes Arcade!

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