Yasmeen #5 by Saif A. Ahmed

Yasmeen #5Yasmeen #5 by Saif A. Ahmed
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Picking up where the last issue left off, Yasmeen and her mother having spent the night driving around town deleting all copies of an explicit picture of one of Yasmeen’s friends from the phones of the boys it’s been sent to…Yasmeen arrives at school the next day to find that her friend has attempted suicide. Yasmeen shares her personal trauma with her friend and adds that it’s those who perpetrate such humiliations who should be ashamed, not the victims.

She also beats the crap out of the guy who took the picture…so, you know, not entirely taking the moral high ground, ha!

Meanwhile, we learn what Yasmeen’s family did to free her, and what she also did to free herself…and what the people of Iraq did to free themselves from ISIS.

It’s inspiring and emotional stuff and, once again, I found myself moved to tears while reading this book. If you’ve not been reading it, you need to. Everyone needs to read this comic.

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