Champions (2020-) #4 by Eve Ewing

Champions (2020-) #4Champions (2020-) #4 by Eve Ewing
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In which the X-Men save the Champions from being arrested, but can’t take them to Krakoa and so instead teach them that sometimes you have to make hard choices and sometimes those choices are wrong, but that’s ok.

And everyone hugs.

Except they don’t, they have breakfast instead.

This is kinda lovely, I really enjoy these characters and they make a great team. But the part of this issue I enjoyed the most was the part with Viv Vision and the old lady who taught her that sometimes you have to break the rules when those rules are stupid.

Mostly, right now, I’m tired and I need sleep, but this comic was good and I enjoyed it. Sometimes you just need to say that and not get all in depth in a review. I’m rambling…

Anyway, good comic. Yes.

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