Iron Man (2020-) #6 by Christopher Cantwell

Iron Man (2020-) #6Iron Man (2020-) #6 by Christopher Cantwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tony, Tony, Tony…you’re really not in a good place, are you?

Trapped in your own armour again. That’s never a good sign. But that’s what happens when Korvac breaks your neck.

I like the juxtaposition between Tony’s fractured neck and Patsy’s fractured mind, but let’s be honest, Tony’s not exactly the poster boy for mental health right now, either.

It is VERY good to see Rhodey back in the armour, let’s get him back in THE armour now. He’s extremely overdue a spell as Iron Man. Maybe that’s where this is headed? After all, Tony’s going to need some time to recover from that fractured neck…although this is comics, so maybe not.

This is good stuff. I think Iron Man’s always worked best when exploring Tony Stark’s nature as a deeply flawed human being, when the villain has got the better of him and he’s running on empty and just surviving on sheer willpower…pushing his body beyond its limits. Because, you know, Tony’s self destructive tendencies manifest themselves in more ways than one.

Anyway, we’re off to space next time! Exciting!

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