New Mutants (2019-) #16 by Vita Ayala

New Mutants (2019-) #16New Mutants (2019-) #16 by Vita Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Ayala/Reis run on this book is a real revelation, with both creators clearly being inspired by the other to do even better work with each passing issue. It just keeps getting better and better.

I’m loving the plotline with the Shadow King. What’s he up to? Is Professor X aware that he’s on the island? Have those children never been warned about him? Clearly Gabby knows that something’s up, but I think that’s a result of her own anxieties regarding Krakoan resurrection.

Then we have the plotline with Rahne’s son, Tier. Is he dead or alive? And why does nobody care about finding out the answer except Rahne herself?

And, finally, we have the main plot this issue…the mutant child who’s lost in Otherworld and the story of Karma and Moonster going after them.

Oh, but don’t forget Warpath completely misunderstanding the questions that Dani set for him! The adorable idiot.

This book is full of characters I love in interesting situations exploring fascinating ideas and it’s all wrapped up in gorgeous art that evokes the work of Bill Sienkiewicz without directly aping him. I love it!

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