Star Wars: The High Republic #3 by Cavan Scott

Star Wars: The High Republic #3Star Wars: The High Republic #3 by Cavan Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m really enjoying the creeping sense of doom and horror in this comic.

The introduction of the Drengir, a species of sentient, carnivorous plants, provides a threat unlike anything we’ve ever seen in Star Wars before (although, I’m sure if I scoured Wookiepedia I’d find that the Drengir aren’t the first sentient, carnivorous plants in the Star Wars universe). They seem to have some kind of connection with the Dark Side of the Force and an ability to possess Jedi. It’s creepy stuff.

I’m currently reading Light of the Jedi, so it’s a bit weird reading about some of the Jedi in that novel at a later point on the timeline when I haven’t finished reading it yet. Do other people really read so quickly that they’ve finished all the other High Republic books already? I haven’t even got a copy of High Republic Adventures yet (I’ve ordered one, it just hasn’t arrived…because it’s not actually available in the UK). Anyway, that’s not really relevant to this review…

I think I’m enjoying this more than anything else I’ve read by Cavan Scott so far, and the art, by Ario Anindito and Mark Morales is superb. The Marvel Star Wars comics continue to be a cut above the old Dark Horse comics, artistically speaking.

It’s still early days for the High Republic but I’m very much enjoying what I’ve read so far!

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