Wolverine: Black, White & Blood (2020-) #4 by Steven DeKnight

Wolverine: Black, White & Blood (2020-) #4 (of 4)Wolverine: Black, White & Blood (2020-) #4 by Steven DeKnight
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This final issue of Wolverine: Black, White & Blood sees a dip in quality after the excellent second and third issues, with only one of the three stories contained within really standing out.

There are no surprises that this is the story by Kelly Thompson, but they key here is both the art and the decision to take advantage of the limited colour palette by pitting Wolverine against a villain with red hair. This limited palette really shines with an artist with more graphic style, rather than one with a highly detailed, heavily rendered style, so Khary Randolph’s very graphic style is perfect here. The use of red in this story feels deliberate, planned and an integral part of the storytelling. However, with the other two stories it feels like an afterthought, and I think it’s no coincidence that a separate colourist is credited for both of these stories, whereas the red was added by Randolph themself in their story. It elevates this story above being just “Wolverine does the stabby,” which neither of the other stories really manage to achieve.

As a whole however, this has been a great little series, with every issue having at least one stand out story. and I’m sure different people will enjoy different stories. Definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.

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