Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 by Joe Kelly

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 by Joe Kelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kelly’s writing is fast paced and frantic, as befits a comic that bills itself as “non-stop” and Bachalo’s art is dynamic and expressive. I love Bachalo’s art but it works better on a character like Doctor Strange than here. Well, no, it could work brilliantly on Spider-Man, but on a Spider-Man book with a more gothic feel…

Anyway, I picked this book up purely because my retailer has a spare copy and I was intrigued because I love Bachalo’s work. I won’t be sticking around, not because it’s bad but because I’m getting too many comics as it is.

Oh, there’s a short at the end about Baron Zemo taking out Hydra cells that are basically just poseurs. It’s surprisingly fun. Not sure why it’s here though.

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