The Union (2020-) #4 by Paul Grist

The Union (2020-) #4 (of 5)The Union (2020-) #4 by Paul Grist
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a definite improvement. The script feels wittier and the pacing is much better.

But at this point it’s suffering from only having one issue to go, and having wasted its first three issues being a mess. This honestly feels like the first issue, because it has so little to do with what’s come before.

I’d be intrigued to read the series that the cover art belongs to, because the covers were obviously drawn for the series as it was before COVID messed everything up and resulted in this not being an Empyre tie in but a King in Black tie in. It should be noted that it really has nothing to do with King in Black at all.

I can see the germs of a good series here, but it’s clearly been hamstrung by rewrites that have left the series a mess. It’s a shame. I’m always up for some new British super hero action.

The cover art is, however, utterly gorgeous.

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