X-Men (2019-) #19 by Jonathan Hickman

X-Men (2019-) #19X-Men (2019-) #19 by Jonathan Hickman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


At first glance this appears to be one of Hickman’s hard SF, exposition heavy, cold stories…with hundreds of years passing in the Vault in timeline pages which fill in huge gaps of time.#

But it’s not that at all. Oh no. This is a love story. A bitter sweet love story that’ll punch you in the gut.

And it’s magnificent.

I never knew I needed Synch/Laura Kinney, but now I ship it with the intensity of a thousand suns.

Darwin, as always, gets the short end of the stick, a stick that, I think, will have huge ramifications in the future.

The art is beautiful and the writing superb. This is Hickman’s X-Men at its very best, and I am 100% here for it.

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