Avengers (2018-) #44 by Jason Aaron

Avengers (2018-) #44Avengers (2018-) #44 by Jason Aaron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Enter the Phoenix finally reaches its finale and Jason Aaron sticks the landing…mostly.

I say mostly because the character who ends up as Phoenix is…surprising, and you certainly don’t find yourself thinking, “Oh, yes, that makes perfect sense.” But, rather, “Ok, that’s interesting, where are you going with this…?2

And that’s my big issue with this series, we’re forty four issues in and, yes, I am still interested in where Aaron is is going with all this, but after forty four issue it would be nice to think an end might be in sight. If only because a change of creative team and a new number one feels like an inevitability in today’s comic market, and I’d like to think that Aaron will get a chance to tie everything up before we get there.

Or maybe he won’t, and maybe he doesn’t have an endgame mapped out, but is just having fun creating a wealth of new lore, much as Roy Thomas did. Only time will tell.

But this is good stuff, both artistically and in terms of the writing, and, at least, delivers a satisfying conclusion to this arc.

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