Wolverine (2020-) #11 by Benjamin Percy

Wolverine (2020-) #11Wolverine (2020-) #11 by Benjamin Percy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book has been consistently gorgeous for a while now, first with art by the superlative Vik Bogdanovic and then by the legendary Adam Kubert, who provides the jaw dropping cover for this issue. However, Scott Eaton’s internal art is just…okay. And after a veritable smorgasbord of outstanding art, okay is a little disappointing.

This issue continues the ongoing vampire/Omega Red story arc, that’s been repeatedly interrupted by crossovers and anniversary shenanigans…so you’d be forgiven for being a little lost. It also pretty heavily relies on you reading Percy’s other X-book, X-Force…which I am…but if you’re just reading Wolverine you’d definitely be forgiven for thinking that you’re missing something.

It’s definitely not a bad comic be any means, it’s just…well, good…but when a book’s been consistently outstanding, good doesn’t quite feel good enough,

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